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Dan's New Work and News

The Writings of Daniel M. Jaffe

Some recent work by and news about Daniel M. Jaffe:

Dan's short story, "The Niña," appears in the hot new Irish literary journal, Into the Void.

Dan's personal essay, "Why Write?" appears in AWP WRITER'S NOTEBOOK, March 2017.

Dan's short story, "Let's Face It," has been published in the echapbook, PUSHING BOUNDARIES/BREAKING BARRIERS.

Dan's short story, "Gift-Wrapped," has been published in BEST GAY STORIES 2016, ed. Steve Berman, Lethe Press.

Dan's short story, "Pobrecita," has been published in Oxford Magazine, Spring 2016.

Dan's personal essay, "Reflections of a White Maybe," has been published in WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE WHITE IN AMERICA? 2LeafPress.

Dan's translation of The White Dove of Córdoba, a Russian novel by Dina Rubina, is being adapted into a film by Raskin Productions.

Dan's short story, "Gift-Wrapped," appeared in Bryant Literary Review in May 2015.

Dan's short story, "The Great Masturbator," appeared in BEST GAY ROMANCES 2015, ed. Felice Picano (Cleis Press).

Dan's short story, "Romancing the Pole," appears in the anthology, BEARS OF WINTER, ed. Jerry Wheeler (Lethe Press).

Three poems by Dan appear in HIBERNATION, AND OTHER POEMS BY BEAR BARDS a new anthology of poetry edited by the prolific Ron Suresha (Bear Bones Books).

Dan's short story, "The Rebbetzin," was published in Wasafiri, a British multi-cultural journal (Spring 2014).

Dan's short story collection, JEWISH GENTLE AND OTHER STORIES OF GAY-JEWISH LIVING, is being taught this fall (2013) at The University of California, Santa Barbara.

Dan's short story, "The Kiss," was reprinted in Chelsea Station, Issue 2.

Dan's short story, "Morris and Mae," was published in Foliate Oak.

Dan's translation of “Shelter,” a short story by
award-winning Russian author Alexander Kabakov, was published in Read Russia,
ed. James Raan, Duckworth
Press (London), 2012.

Dan's short story,
“Herman’s Kosher Deli,” appeared in Dirty Diner, ed. Jerry Wheeler, Bold Strokes Books: NY,

Dan's short story, “Resist Me, Please!” appeared in Riding the Rails, ed. Jerry Wheeler,
Bold Strokes Books: NY, 2011.

Dan's short story, "Confessions of a Naughty Dreamer," was published in R. Jackson's anthology, Tales from the Den: Wild and Weird Stories for Bears (Bear Bones Books).

Dan's novel, The Limits of Pleasure, is being taught this fall at the University of California, Santa Barbara in a course entitled, "Males and the City: Queer Masculinities, Queer Rituals."  Dan's work is also scheduled to be taught at both Bowdoin College in Spring, 2012.

Dan's translation of an excerpt from The White Dove of Co'rdoba, a prize-winning Russian novel by best-selling author, Dina Rubina, was published in A New Chapter: Part 2/Rossica No. 22 (London), 2011.

"Shehechianu," a short story about an aging Jewish couple coping with Alzheimer's, was just published in (Volume 1, Issue 3), Spring 2011.

"Mauricio Fabiano Weinstein," a Finalist for the American Fiction Prize, was published in 2010 in American Fiction, a marvelous anthology.  The story is based on Dan's experiences with Jewish families of those who Disappeared during Argentina's military dictatorship.

Russian readers can peruse a lengthy interview with Dan conducted by the Russian-American poet and essayist Andrey Gritsman in Interpoezia, a literary journal that Andrey founded and edits:

"The Zen of Butchery," a short story about a man who encounters God on the Internet, was published in Van Gogh's Ear: The Supernatural Edtion (Paris), ed. Felice Picano (2010).

"The Great Masturbator," a fabulist short story about a rather unusually gifted circus performer, was published in Tented: Gay Erotic Tales from Under the Big Top, ed. Jerry L. Wheeler (2010).

Dan's short story, "Evicted," published by Danse Macabre, can be found at:

 "Marked by Carnival," Dan's translation of an essay by Dina Rubina, in Where We Find Ourselves: Jewish Women Around the World Write About Home, SUNY Press, 2009.  Reprinted from Silk Road, 2006.

One-Foot Lover, Dan's fiction chapbook, is Number One in the Editor's Series of Seven Kitchens Press, 2009! 

On Kim's Craft Blog, Dan discusses his publication experience with One-Foot Lover

A July 2008 interview with Dan by Corey Campbell, formerly of the UCLA Extension Writers' Program, can be found here:

For two-and-a-half years, Dan wrote a monthly author-interview column, "Talking Across the Table," for  The warm and kind goodbye from BiblioBuffet's editor, Lauren Roberts, can be found here:  Dan's final column, "An Interviewer's Reflections," can be found here:

The UCLA Extension Writers' Program awarded Dan their "2006 Outstanding Instructor Award in Online Writing Education." (

"Marla and Billy, A Tryptich," linked short stories in Families: The Frontline of Pluralism, Wising Up Press, 2008.

Dan's translation excerpt of On the Sunny Side of the Street, a prize-winning Russian novel by Dina Rubina, appeared in The Ties of Blood: Russian Literature from the 21st Century, ed. Oliver Ready, Academia Rossica (London), 2008.

"The Liberty Theater," a personal essay, in Speechless The Magazine,, ed. Suzanne Lummis, 2007.

"Connections," a personal essay, in Identity Envy: Wanting to Be Who We're Not, ed. Jim Tushinski and Jim Van Buskirk, 2007.

Excerpt of Dan's translation of Here Comes the Messiah!, a Russian-Israeli novel by Dina Rubina, in An Anthology of Jewish-Russian Literature, M. E. Sharpe, 2006.

"Sephardic Steve," a short story, in The Dos Passos Review, 3:2, 2006 and reprinted in Lashon, 2007.

“That Boy This Day,” (reprint), a short story, in The Way We Knew It: Fiction From the First Twenty-Five Years of the MFA in Writing Program at Vermont College, 2006.

"Still Life With Toupee," a short story, in Suspect Thoughts, July 2006.  (

"The Clouds Lift," a short story, in The Forward, 16 June 2006.

“Cycles of Poverty,” a short story, in The Forward, 19 May 2006.

"Reminders of the Lost Ark," a short story, in The Forward, 3 March 2006.

Dan is interviewed extensively in "Jewish Magical Realism: Writing to Tell the Tale," by Tamara Kaye Sellman, Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism.  16 December 2005.

Dan is one of the authors profiled in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Multiethnic American Literature, ed. Emmanuel S. Nelson, 2005.

Dan's article, "Jewish American Gay Literature," appears in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Multiethnic American Literature, ed. Emmanuel S. Nelson, 2005.

"My Little Sister's Wedding," a short story, in The Forward, 23 December 2005.


 "A Euclidean Vacation," a short story, in Russian translation (by Sergei Boroditsky) in Novaya Yunost' ["New Youth"], Moscow, fall 2004.


"The Liberty Theater," an essay in Mentsh, edited by Andrea Brown, Alyson Publications, 2004.


"That Boy This Day," a short story, in M2M: New Literary Fiction, edited by Karl Woelz, AttaGirl Press, 2003. 


"Our Chinese Business," translation of a Russian-Israeli novella written by Dina Rubina, in Toronto Slavic Quarterly,  Winter 2003.


First Place, 2003 Literature Competition, John E. Profant Foundation for the Arts, Santa Barbara.


Dan's Translation of Dina Rubina's Novel.

Rubina's satire about Russian emigre life in Israel was nominated for the Russian Booker Prize, and was a best-seller in Russia. 

A Fiction Chapbook from Seven Kitchens Press